Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review of Seleste Delaney's "Forever Summer"

Title: "Forever Summer"
Length: Short story

Author's blurb
With her dreams of a career by the sea shattered by the economy, Katya's trying to be happy with the two weeks she's managed in the Florida Keys. But when the cottage she's rented turns out to be infested, she's ready to go home to Pennsylvania. At least until Jay, the handyman and filmmaker next door, comes to her rescue.

Sweet, talented and sexy, he's everything she ever wanted in a man. Too bad he's only hanging out with her because he's such a nice guy.

Or is he?

What I Thought
The positive points:
"Forever Summer" started well, with a clear picture of the heroine and a skillful pull into sympathy for her. The prose remained descriptive and bright throughout, with memorable pictures painted of the heroine and of Florida. It is a modern fairy-tale, complete with knight-in-shining-armor, or at least independent documentary-maker with a job opening for the heroine.

The negative points:
The hero never became more than an outline, and though that is not wholly inappropriate for a fairy-tale, it jarred when contrasted with the detail of the heroine's description. The couple did not match due to this discrepancy, and it dulled the requisite fairy-tale sparkle, which is all the more important in a story so short. This ebook was almost unreadable on my Kindle. I'm not sure if it was a problem with my device or a problem with the ebook, but the font would at random spots switch to microscopic size.

Adonis says:

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