Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Reset

Something happened to our blog and all the images got deleted or something. I think it was when I got my new phone, which was, because it's an Android, automatically linked to my Google account. Somehow I messed things up here, so I've decided to stick to a simpler design. This'll do.

Why are you taking over my life?!

We've had an amazing summer here! Sure, we had our hot days, but overall, it was cooler than most summers, which just thrilled us. And now we're almost in October, and the weather is perfect every day.

The Mrs. is 27 weeks pregnant, and we're expecting our seventh child (a boy!) around Christmastime. After six daughters -- to finally have a son? Yeah. Surreal. Everyone in the family is excited and can't wait to spoil the little prince absolutely rotten.

Isn't she lovely?

The Mrs. and I spent most of the summer alone, which is unusual, since we usually hang out with friends a lot. But this summer we just needed time alone -- and that's what we got! A perfect summer of love, sharing, and happiness. As Jane Eyre says, "as gay as in company, as free as in solitude". That is the idyllic life I share with my darling.

Until next time, live ... and love!

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