Friday, October 21, 2011

Review of Kelly Yeakle's "Timeless"

Author: Kelly Yeakle
Title: Timeless
Length: Novel

Author's Blurb
Can true love last forever?

Gabriela Swanson wanted one thing, to be a well known writer at Graven, the most prestigious Goth magazine in the country. When an inside source gives her the opportunity of a lifetime, she finds herself in a hostage situation with a man who claims to be her soul mate.

Kane Barringer is a vampire who's lived for centuries. Every century is spent waiting for his soul mate, but this time he's vowed to live the rest of his existence without her. A strange twist of fate gives them the opportunity to be together forever, but will Gabriela embrace it?

What I Thought
The positive points:
Kelly Yeakle's plot is twisted, and though it takes some time for the story to fall into place, it is an interesting read. The development of the minor characters is solid, and the swift pace does not flag. The descriptions of vampiric life are well-done, and the villain, though only lightly sketched, is suitably vicious. The love story itself is the most satisfying part of the tale, and the ending ties up all the threads of the plot, giving a glimpse into the happily-ever-after for the pair, as well as the most interesting supporting characters.

The negative points:
The most jarring aspect of the story is the personalities of the hero and heroine. Though the hero's love for the heroine is described, and though he illustrates it on occasion, his disappearances stretch the suspension of disbelief required by a paranormal story. As for the heroine, her doubts and hesitations drag on for longer than the length of the story could support. In addition, she seems peculiarly able to handle mental communication, and though this could possibly be due to her previous lives, her lack of surprise at it contrasts too greatly with her refusal to believe Kane's story. This disconnect makes the heroine seem unbelievable. It is only when she is behaving as the lover she is supposed to be that she becomes sympathetic.

Adonis says:

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