Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Double Treat and Giveaway from Iyana Jenna

A Granted Wish
Glowing Dim as an Ember
by Iyana Jenna 

This is a part of my blogging in ‘A Granted Wish’ Blog Tour (that now will also feature another story with the title of ‘Glowing Dim as an Ember’) and I’d like to extend my gratitude to Adonis for the opportunity to guest blog on her site. Now here are my stories.

A Granted Wish 

Genre: M/M Young Adult
Word count: 1,600
Summary: Being told over and over that he is too young to have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend as the case may be, 15-year-old Cody sends a wish to whoever up there willing to grant it.
This story was inspired by the movie Blue Lagoon and I playfully dubbed it Blue Lagoon 2. It has silliness of a boy that is entangled in a case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ 


Kyle inches slowly, creeps in, and, stealing a quick glance towards the boy sitting next to him, he smiles. He looks down; can feel their fingers entwined together underneath their school bags. He loves seeing the blush on the other boy's face, feel the slight tremor running through his hand–though from excitement or fear he knows not. They are inside the school bus after all.

He swallows his disappointment when Aiden pulls his hand back. Right. He tries not to show his feeling, looks up and sees the boy’s shy smile toward him, making him feel warm all over.

That's exactly what he feels every time Aiden is around. In the classroom, at PE sessions, during breaks. He can’t wait. Can’t wait to see him again once he loses sight of him.

“Kyle? What are you doing out there? Get inside and change. Dinner’s ready.”

Startled, Kyle whirls around to find his dad standing at the doorway. He doesn’t realize he’s been standing at the gate, watching the bus that carries Aiden vanish round the corner at the end of the street.


Glowing Dim as an Ember

Genre: Young Adult
Word count: 2,700
Summary: 14 year-old Etienne keeps getting flashes of someone else's memories. Dancing bears and painted wings are not exactly the things he meets every day especially since he is just a homeless boy living on the cold streets of Paris.

This story was inspired by a song Once Upon a December and the story of Anastasia, the lost princess from Russia. But it’s by no means a story of her as this one is a tale of the boy Etienne and another named Eric in the year of 1840 and before.


At first he thought he heard it from afar, the roar of a gun blaring, a voice screaming. Or perhaps it was a dream.

But someone was pounding at the door, and he leaped out of bed. Feet entangled in the blankets, he nearly toppled face first onto the floor when a pair of hands caught him and he gasped, panicked.

“You have to go. You have to go!”


His mother grabbed his boots and pulled them onto his feet, then snatched up his coat and put it on him; she pushed him urgently toward the window.


His room was on the second story and though the snow outside was thick and soft to cushion his fall, it was pitch black and he really didn't want to stumble around, cold and with probably a sprained ankle as well.

"Go!" His mother was getting hysterical. “Anna is waiting outside. You will be safe.”


A Granted Wish will be out on April 28, 2013, and Glowing Dim as an Ember on May 5, 2013.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Open Letter to My Wife

My Lovely One,

There's that old, rather bad poem about footprints in the sand. You know, the one where Jesus carries you when your life gets rough? Actually, I like the variation I saw on Facebook the other day: when there was only one set of footprints, it's because the Sand People travel single file to hide their numbers.

I want to tell you something about my love for you, and I promise no Star Wars references. I know you have burdens, worries, concerns, and all that, just like any normal person does. There are nights you lay your head on your pillow, and though you say nothing, I can almost hear the struggle going on inside you. We all have our demons, the ghosts in our head that wish us dead, and we all wrestle with ourselves in our own ways.

There are times when I see your mouth working, as if you're either debating whether to tell me something or not, or you're just trying to find the words.

I'm here for you. Turn to me.

I am your lion. You are my kitten. I'll take care of you.

The easiest thing for me to do is love you, and I know my love is all you want. See how wonderful love is? So don't be afraid to wrestle your demons, because I'm right there beside you.

More than that. I've got you. When burdens crush you down, tell me about them. I'll pick you up and carry you until you can walk again. See, you feel the weight of your worries, but once I lift you up, the burden eases. But as I hold you, I feel only you, not your burden. That's the beauty of our love! I love you, so together there's nothing we can't do. I could go on right now and quote cheesy song lyrics, but I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Remember that my arms are open at all times. Fall into them, as you did last night. Fall into me with perfect confidence, and know that I remain forever

Your husband, your brother-soul, your lover, your friend.

Our first and last kiss, for each kiss is just a continuation of the last

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Welcome to Evernight's
Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

Book Boyfriends...

They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all!
The authors of Evernight invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge? 

Pull up a chair and get to know every single one. I’d love to introduce you to my hero...

What is the ideal man? The ideal lover? The ideal … book boyfriend? 

Tall, dark, and handsome? Alpha? Rich? Powerful? Well-endowed? How about a battle-scarred warrior with a secret heartache and a tendency to dominate?

Lord Kamen Itenu certainly qualifies. Tall? Yes. Well over six feet. Dark? Coffee-colored, with eyes like pools of pitch and long, soft dreadlocks that hang halfway down his back. Handsome? Heart-breakingly so, with the lithe grace of a hunting cat and the easy gait of a sailor. Rich, powerful? The richest nobleman of the oldest kingdom in the world and the Regent for the boy-king to boot. When Kamen says jump, kings ask how high. Well-endowed? Maybe we shouldn't go there, but … yes. Oh very yes.
Kamen, though, despite his innumerable desirable qualities, is a man with a secret, a wound in his heart that has been there for six years, a sorrow that has left him alone and lonely, despite his wealth, despite his influence, despite his beauty. He loved the one person he could not have, and six years were not long enough to wipe out the image of his lost love – his former commanding officer. 

But if the image of that lost love could be wiped out, Kamen's heart would be well worth the winning. When he falls in love, his lover will know that she (or he, as Kamen is bisexual!) is the only one in his world, that all his attentions are focused on her, that, despite his indomitable will and inner strength, he needs his beloved, needs her devotion, needs her heart. And if said beloved should get saucy, well, Kamen has been known to take a lover over his knee and paddle her – and that is just for starters. 

Lord Kamen Itenu is definitely a book boyfriend to break your heart over! 

We'll also be choosing one winner to give a prize to (besides the grand prize drawing) -- the entire Lotus Trilogy!


What’s up for grabs?

• One lucky hopper will win a KINDLE PAPERWHITE eREADER sponsored by Evernight Publishing.

• Every book blogger/reviewer site is giving away one free eBook from Evernight (winner’s choice of any eBook from Evernight Publishing’s website).

• Plus, each author offers their own unique prize! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win.

How to enter? 
Which of Kamen's characteristics do you find most appealing, and why? Be sure you leave the answer and your email address in the comments below to be eligible to win a prize. 

Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!
You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend...
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