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Interview with Anna Keraleigh

We're happy to have author Anna Keraleigh with us today! You know her for her Fairy Series with Evernight Publishing. She's here today to talk about her latest release, Seven Days in Jade.

Jade is an unhappily married woman. Ryan is the sexy private investigator that loves her. He brings her secret fantasies to life, ice-cream-covered flesh, dominance, handcuffs and the ultimate desire. However, their wild sexcapade ends when Jade’s husband returns, and their oasis returns to desert. Can they survive apart now that they have tasted true love? These lovers have a one-week affair that will change their lives forever.

AD: Let's get to know the author a bit better.
Hello, Anna! Was romance always what you wrote, or did it take you a while to find your niche?

AK: I've been reading 'naughty' books for a long time. I fell in love with the raw sexuality and the hope that it brings to real life relationships. Fantasy added to that romance is perfection.  With fantasy I can make up my own rules. It makes the worlds I create that much more interesting and as unique as I want them to be.

AD: You have written several fairy novels, correct? What drew you to write about them?

AK: The Fairy Series is about muscled warriors with delicate wings who are on the verge of extinction. They must find their mates in order to keep their species alive. Ireland is my dream spot. I want to live there. So, naturally, Irish folklore has played a big part in my stories. I’ve always loved the idea of fairies, but I’ve read very little in the way of fairy books. When I made the decision to write, I knew in my heart fairies would be my first attempt. Evernight Publishing saw the potential, and they currently publish this series.

AD: Your newest book, Seven Days in Jade, is a departure from your previous work. What sparked your idea for this book?

AK: Oddly enough, this began as a quick short story. I finished the first part, "Taste Me Tuesday", and the characters just stuck in my head. They popped up when I was dreaming and writing. Their story needed an ending or at least a happy for now. As I began the second story, a handful of them came into fruition.

AD: How long did it take you to write Seven Days in Jade? Was it faster or slower than usual for you?

AK: It was a little slower due to the fact that I wrote the first part, began another writing project, then came back and finished their story. Jade and Ryan will always hold a place in my heart as well as my lust!

AD: What is your favorite thing about Jade? About Ryan?

AK: Jade is much more like myself than any character I’ve written before. She is curious about everything but has her eyes solely focused on one man. Her attitude toward life is  living it to the fullest. Ryan is sexy as hell. I can tell you he occupied my dreams for some time. That scene with him in the cowboy hat will be a permanent favorite. As well as that scene in the car...and the beach...

AD: What is one piece of information about Jade that does not make it into the book? What about Ryan?

AK: I originally had a scene at the beginning where we meet Jade’s husband. The readers got a chance to see his bad side and the heartache that he put Jade through. It was a dark scene that was too raw to add in. I wanted this to be a light, flirty read. I also removed  a scene that showed Ryan’s loneliness. He’s spent his entire life looking for true love and found it in a married woman. I eventually added a similar scene toward the end when Jade’s husband returns.

AD: Please describe a typical writing session for us.

AK: They’re never the same. That would be too easy, apparently. Some days I have time to light a candle, put on some music, and spend hours writing. Other days, I’m scrunched in the back of the car, train, or subway with a notebook and a pen while trying to ignore all the sounds of the city.

AD: What is the most surprising thing about you?

AK: I’ve never had a threesome, never been confronted by two guys! ;) I honestly don’t know what I’d do. Well I’d know what to do...I mean I don’t know if I’d have the metaphorical 'balls' to go through with it.

AD: Thanks for being with us today, Anna!

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Interview with Lorraine Nelson (and Giveaway!)

We are delighted to welcome Lorraine Nelson back to our blog! She has a new release in her wildly popular Thunder Creek series, and we would like to pass on the information to all of you. Get ready for your return to Thunder Creek!

Lucas Manning, Sr. is married to Winnie, Roy Grayson's mother. Trouble ensues from the moment authorities arrest her son for stalking and terrorizing Lucas' daughter-in-law. Winnie feels guilty and withdraws from the Manning family. Suddenly a threatening phone call disturbs their lives even more as Winnie becomes a target. Can Lucas convince her of her worthiness and save their marriage? Or will danger and loyalty to her son drive a further wedge between them?


 The warm water sluiced over their hot bodies in a rushing stream as they stood entwined in the tiny stall. Her kisses tasted like chocolate mint from the candy bars they’d snacked on earlier.

 She poured a liberal amount of his shower gel into her palm. “Turn around.”

 He did as requested, and she dutifully soaped his back. As her hands moved to soap his chest, she rubbed her breasts against him, and he shivered in response to the sensations rioting through his body. When her hands reached to soap his cock, he gasped, taking in a mouthful of water, which he promptly spewed out.

 “Lady, you sure are full of surprises,” he said as he turned to face her, rinsing off under the spray before turning the taps off. He grabbed a towel and dried her body, his ministrations causing exquisite little moans to escape her lips. Quickly drying himself, he tossed the towel aside and wrapped an arm around her waist.

 Side-by-side, they walked through to the bedroom where he could make love to her in comfort. He loved this woman. He’d shown her every day in every way he could, but the words themselves didn’t come easy, not since his first wife died and took a piece of his heart with her.

 As they lay down, he cuddled close and worshipped her body with his hands and mouth, old memories pushed to the farthest recesses of his mind.

 Her breasts spilled from his hands as he massaged their silky softness. “So damned soft. I could play with them all night long.”

 She clutched his head urging him forward to taste her rosy buds. “Be my guest.”

 He laved a tongue over a nipple, teasing before pulling it into his mouth, his hand pinching the other one. Her soft murmur of delight spurred him on. He let go of her breast, with a light bite, trailing kisses down over her abdomen to reach the honeyed prize nested in reddish curls. Her legs spread for him, the most feminine part of her open and waiting for his attention.


AD: Welcome back to Boundless as the Sea, Lorraine! Your new release is Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek. This is your third trip to Thunder Creek, right? What were the other books set in Thunder Creek?

LN: Yes, Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek is my third book in the Thunder Creek Ranch series.

Book 1, Zakia and the Cowboy, was released on October 5th and became a bestseller and Featured Title at Are within 3 days. It features Luke Manning and his estranged wife, Zakia.

Book 2, Covert Mission: Undercover Cop, was released on November 28th and featured Luke and Zakia’s best friends, Blake and Samantha.

 AD: What is it about Thunder Creek that keeps drawing you back?

LN: The characters themselves keep talking and I just keep writing their stories. I love the sense of family, generations of growing and loving as they work together to provide a home and protect each other from harm.

AD: Which of these three books was the most fun to write? The most difficult?

LN: I absolutely loved writing Zakia and the Cowboy. It was the first book in which characters actually ‘spoke’ to me and it seemed to almost write itself. At times, my 30 wpm limit was sorely tested as I tried valiantly to keep up.

The most fun would be Covert Mission: Undercover Cop. Sam is such a sassy, independent, outgoing character, totally opposite to Blake and his caring, protective nature.

Book 3, would be the most difficult. At times, Lucas Sr. and his wife Winnie were at such an impasse that I really had to work it through. Eventually, they spoke, I wrote, and it all came together.

AD: Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek is a bit of an unusual romance in that the hero and heroine are already married when the story begins. What inspired you to tackle a romance from that angle?

LN: Spoiler alert! Book 1 involved a stalker who turned out to be Winnie’s son. The stalker had threatened the lives of Lucas’s family. It was bound to cause trouble in their marriage, and I began to wonder how they’d work through it. The hardest part was keeping the suspense going, but I stumbled onto a new angle and voila!

AD: Of the three couples, Lucas and Zakia, Samantha and Blake, Lucas Sr. and Winnie, which was your favorite? Why?

LN: Geesh! Do I have to have a favorite? I fall in love with all my characters and have written about these ones so much now, they’re almost family.

If I have to pick, I suppose it would be Luke and Zakia. After all, they started the whole thing.

AD: Which couple was the easiest for you to write? Which was the most difficult? What about those particular couples made them easier or more difficult to write?

LN: Luke and Zakia were the easiest to write. Once the idea grabbed me, it just didn’t let go. There’s just something about a second chance at love that pushes you to give them that happily ever after.

Sam’s story was a different one to write because of her prosthesis. It made her vulnerable and yet prompted her to be self-reliant. She hated the thought of people pitying her and found it hard to let anyone get too close. Blake certainly had his work cut out for him.

AD: Who was your favorite individual character? Why?

LN: That would be Sam. She’s a feisty little thing who overcame great odds to be with the man she loved.

AD: How long did it take you to write Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek?

LN: I started writing it as Book 2 in August, but Sam and Blake kept hollering to be #2. Needless to say, what I had written got scrapped when I started writing it again on Nov 2nd. It was edited and subbed by Nov 26th. So, just over 3 weeks from start to finish.

AD: Do you have any further adventures at the Thunder Creek Ranch planned?

LN: Yes, Book 4, A Cowgirl’s Pride, is about Leah Manning, Luke Jr.’s sister.

Book 5, Cameron’s Quest, is about their uncle, part owner of the Thunder Creek Ranch, returning from his travels.

Books 6-10 are hazy, but a distinct possibility.

And then there’s: Thunder Creek: The Next Generation.

As long as the characters keep talking and the readers keep wanting more, I’ll keep writing. There is definitely a world of possibilities in Thunder Creek.

AD: What can you tell us about Leah?

LN: Leah is the princess of the Manning Clan, two years younger than her brother, Luke. She tired of being coddled and protected, always her daddy’s ‘baby girl’. She didn’t want to live her life on the ranch. She wanted the bright lights and the big city. She wanted to dance.

Leah left her home and her teenaged lover right after high school graduation and moved to Vancouver where she worked as a dancer, but became unwillingly embroiled in an unsavory lifestyle. In Book 4, she returns home, pregnant, seeking a better life for her child. Trouble follows. Her knowledge of the goings on in Vancouver is in danger of getting her killed, but the Mannings close ranks and provide much-needed protection.

AD: You take an unusual angle in your romances, adding a large element of danger to them. What piqued your interest in suspense as an adjunct to romance?

LN: Would you believe every cent of my babysitting money as a teenager went toward the purchase of Hardy Boys books? In my later teens, I progressed to Mignon G. Eberhart, Mary Higgins-Clark, John Grisham and Harlequin Romance. To combine the two seemed only natural. By the way, I also watched a lot of westerns.

Thank you so much for having me here today. You two certainly don’t ask easy questions.

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Lorraine is giving away one copy of Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek to one lucky fan. Comment below to be entered to win. Winner chosen January 17th!

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Pulled in Many Different Directions

What with the release of Worth His Freedom in early November and then Bride for the God-King in late December, we feel like we're being pulled this way and that with all the interviews, guest blog spots, and reviews. Oh, no, we're not complaining. Keep pulling! We're loving every minute of it.
This week's samplings of Adonis Devereux come from Katherine Wyvern's glowing review of Worth His Freedom, Emma Shortt's gracious guest blog post, and Tory Michaels' lovely interview.

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