Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sumida River Walkabout

EDIT: Sorry so many of the photos got deleted.

The other day, because the weather was so fine and we wanted to spend the day together out and about, my darling wife and I took a walk through Tokyo, starting in the bay and working our way up one of the cities major rivers into the heart of what was once the old fishing villages of Edo. On the advice of my photographer friend, I recently got a 50mm lens for my Canon EOS 20D. I love taking pictures, but it's strictly a casual hobby, so I'm not claiming to be the best or even good at this or anything. Anyway, here are some moments I caught. (Some of these images have been cropped to fit what I wanted.)

Lovely even on a 10-mile walk

The spring flowers in Tokyo are amazing

On an artificial beach in the middle of Tokyo Bay

In the bay -- built by the Shogun to stop foreign ships

The gun batteries on the island

This bridge has a long, technical, boring name -- we call it Rainbow Bridge

More blossoms, of a different variety

We walked across Rainbow Bridge

One of many old noble gardens converted into national parks

Along the Sumida River

He flew right over my head

We stopped for sushi in the old fish market


Not common for modern Japan -- even the natives were surprised

The end of our journey - the Thunder Gate of Sensouji (Asakusa Temple)

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