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Interview with C.R. Moss

AD: We're excited about having author C.R. Moss here with us today. Thanks for stopping by! We're going to talk with her about herself, her writing, and Wild West Weekend.

The Teaser

Two people scared to love again. Two others hesitant about commitment. A weekend in Nevada will change all that.
Bristol Ashcombe is swearing off men and taking a vacation with her friend, Cassie. Damon Dougan is packed and ready to leave the ranch for a trip, that is, until a long-legged, sexy woman steps out of a vehicle and he decides to stay. Will one sex-filled weekend be enough for either of them?
Cassie Harding travels to the Double D ranch to meet Bristol and looks forward to seeing her old friend, Dakota. Dak’s excited when Cassie, his former sweetheart, returns. Cassie and Dakota, though they’re heating up ‘the sheets’ in and out of the bedroom, have fears about commitment after years of being single. Will they find it’s better to dance together than apart?

Be Warned: light bdsm, sex toys

     And the trip sure came at the right time. She was in desperate need of a break and the Dougan's spread was the best place to take it. The ranch had once been a source of pleasure in her life. A place where she felt safe and peaceful, loved even. She looked forward to relaxing, forgetting her troubles for a bit, catching up with her friend.
     She sighed. She shouldn't have lost contact with her childhood friends. Years of flitting from one state to the next trying to find the next best gig as a casino cocktail waitress in her twenties, then learning how to deal and working the pit in her thirties had taken its toll. Her nomadic way of life had consumed her, changed her, made her want to settle down somewhere. No longer was she the timid teen who'd visit the ranch every summer and once dismissed the feelings of the eldest Dougan brother.
     Across the drive, a horse's whinny followed by a loud metallic thud jerked her from her thoughts. In front of the stables, a silver, extend-cab pick-up idled. A man, topped with a black cowboy hat, tossed a large bulky bag into the truck's bed.
     She titled her sunglasses down her nose to get a better look at the cowboy. Tall, built but not burly, she'd place him around six feet tall. His tan hands were pronounced against the long white sleeves of his shirt. Relaxed fitting jeans encompassed long legs but didn't form-fit around his butt. She wished the denim was tighter so it'd give a better idea of his muscle structure underneath. She'd hate to think the worker had a soft, saggy ass.
     The man lifted the hat, wiped his forearm along his forehead. The sun's afternoon glow highlighted golden streaks in his brown hair, but his arm created shadows on most of his face. She could only make out one prominent cheekbone and strong jaw. He replaced the hat, strolled over to the stable building, and faded into the dark shade of the building.
     God, he looks like he has great lips for kissing, a five-o-clock-stubbled chin that she could trail her tongue along and tease it with the prickles. She waited on the porch for another glimpse of him. He stepped out of the doorway, face still cast in shadows so she couldn't get a good look, with a length of rope looped in his hand.
     Desire coiled low in her stomach, bunched into a tight ball. She purred quietly to herself. Maybe she'd see about a weekend fling with the ranch hand.


AD: How did you and R.M. Sotera get started writing together?

CRM: We met through our local RWA chapter and were in a crit group together. As we became friends, we realized we had similar reading and writing tastes, and we clicked. Our brainstorming sessions can get a bit intense, lots of ideas and information floating around, and we feed off each other when it comes to our stories. Working together and collaborating on stories seemed natural, and I believe we make a great team. We did a couple of stories together in 2010 and then started work on our joint project Wild West Weekend.

AD: What drew you to write about cowboys?

CRM: Writing about cowboys was something different for the both of us, a nice change of pace from paranormal characters.

AD: What got you started writing Wild West Weekend? What was your inspiration for that particular story?

CRM: I went on a vacation to a working ranch, and when I returned home, I was full of inspiration. I went to RM and said, "Guess what we're going to be writing about." Then there was a lot of brainstorming, discussions and picture sharing. We decided to set the story in Nevada right outside the city we live in to make sure we were on top of the setting and feel of the area.

AD: Which couple do you like more, Cassie and Dakota or Bristol and Damon? Why?

CRM: I have to say mine is Cassie and Dakota since I was lead writer on their development, and I'm sure RM would say hers is Bristol and Damon since she headed up their development. ;) But both couples have their fun, loveable, quirky traits.

AD: How long have you been writing?

CRM: Since I was a kid. But I was first published in fiction in May of 2008.

AD: Do you ever write setting descriptions from real places? Does living in Nevada provide you with a better idea of your locations for your stories?

CRM: Yep. In fact the areas in the Wild West stories RM and I are writing are based on real places.  Since I live in NV, I like to set my stories here. Living here gives me firsthand knowledge of how the settings in the stories should be depicted. I've set other stories in other places where I've either lived or visited. Or it's been a place where I have a friend/family member living there who can feed me facts and pictures to make sure I stay as true to the areas as I can. Granted, there are times liberties do need to be taken, so that has to be taken into account, too. ;)

AD: Do you do much research for your books?

CRM: It depends upon the story and what's going on with it.

AD: Who are your favorite romance authors? What about authors in other genres?

CRM: Romance: currently Erin Kellison, back in the day: Jude Deveraux ~ Authors in other genres: Anne Rice, Stephen King, Clive Barker.

AD: What are your interests apart from writing?

CRM: When I have time, I like to read or crochet. I like to watch TV, play cards, travel.

AD: What is the most surprising thing about you?

CRM: I took a while to think about this, but had a hard time coming up with something about myself since I don't know what would surprise people about me. So, I asked hubby and a close friend. Hubby said, "Aside from marrying him, he's amazed how my inspiration for my story ideas work and that people may find it interesting that I would be happier having beer and pizza than going out for wine and ‘elegant’ dinning.  He also thinks it's cool that I used to play WOW and am interested in trying D&D table top type gaming. A close friend of mine said, "The sensitivity and loyalty you display to those you consider friends. You don't open up easily toward people, but when you do, you give everything you are to those lucky enough to be your friends." Another close friend of mine said that people are surprised to learn I have a flip-flop fetish.

AD: One last secret. What do the C and R stand for?

CRM: My real first and middle names. ;) Thanks for having me on your blog!

AD: Thanks for coming by, C.R.! We enjoyed your visit.


Find out more about the book and future stories here
Buy Wild West Weekend here.
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  1. Thanks for having me on today! This interview was fun. :)
    C.R. Moss

  2. Great interview, CR! ;) I love stories about Nevada because they paint a much broader picture of the state than just casinos and desert. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Siobhan! Thanks for stopping by. Yep, there's more to life in NV than gambling and drinking and sand. :)
    C.R. Moss

  4. Hello,
    Wow thanks for that! I am definately bumping this one up the to read list!
    musicalfrog at comcast dot net

  5. Hi Patti! Thanks for stopping by! After you've read it feel free to let us know what you think. :)
    C.R. Moss

  6. Thanks for swinging by and saying "hi", everyone!


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