Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

I have not yet met any woman who objects to this “holiday”, but I certainly do. Holidays were originally “holy days”, celebrating days important to the religion of the area. They took on political significance over time, celebrating days important to the state. In both cases, the event or person celebrated was of some great social significance. This is why holidays such as Christmas or Independence Day exist.

International Women’s Day, however, implies that women are socially significant for—what? For being women? Either that is mind-bogglingly arrogant or unspeakably patronizing.

Do you like us arrogant or patronizing? We can do both!

So women are so arrogant that they consider their mere existence a favor to society, that being born a woman is something that society needs to acknowledge as a great achievement? Or else are women being patronized as though they were children so young as not to understand the concept of achievement, as when two-year-olds are given a prize merely for showing up at the “competition”?

I'm a woman! Give me a day merely for that fact!

Neither of those things, neither the arrogance nor the patronization, is exactly worth celebrating.

--the Mrs.
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