Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review of Carolyn Rosewood's "Hunted"

Author: Carolyn Rosewood
Title: Hunted
Length: Novella

Author's Blurb

For the past four hundred years, Jahi Wickes has made forged documents and credit cards for the female demons who seduce men into signing away their souls. While enjoying the parades at Mardi Gras, she's ambushed by two angels. One is her former guardian angel, and the other is the Nephilim who’s tracking him.

Dagon has been chasing Vassago for three years. His first big break comes in the form of a cute, sexy demon. When he learns the real reason Vassago is hunting her, Dagon has more trouble than he bargained for. Not only was Vassago sent to guard souls in Purgatory after screwing up his assignment with Jahi, but the person who paid him to destroy her is one of her fellow demons.

What I Thought

The positive points:
I enjoyed the skill with which Carolyn Rosewood drew me into the story. From the first page, with its Mardi Gras parade and attempted capture of the heroine, I was interested. I wanted to know what happened next. I also appreciated that I did not have to have read the previous installment in her series to understand and enjoy this one. The sex scenes were steamy; each one was hot without being repetitive, which was quite a feat considering the proportion of the novella which was taken up with the sex. The plot had just enough twists to keep it interesting without overburdening the novella. Do not assume, however, this book, despite its angels-and-demons motif, to follow standard Christian mythology.

The negative points:
There were not many because Carolyn Rosewood writes in a smooth, readable style, well-suited to her subject matter. The biggest drawback for me was the rushing of the romance between Jahi and Dagon. It was not precisely a "love-at-first-sight" romance, despite the physical attraction so clearly present on both sides. Had it been a full love-at-first-sight, that would have been different. As it was, however, the love which grew up between Dagon and Jahi was not given, in my opinion, sufficient scope or time. This is a necessary constraint of the novella form, though, and not something I could legitimately hold against the otherwise extremely well-executed story.

Look for longer works from Ms. Rosewood in the future!

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