Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cover art and blurb for "Worth His Freedom"

We have received the cover art for our first novel, "Worth His Freedom", and we must say that we are deeply impressed! Dara England and Evernight have really outdone themselves with this beautiful cover! Special thanks to Xondra Day for the title suggestion.

Miria, a young noblewoman on the cusp of an arranged marriage, meets the Ausir Tsalrin, her father's mysterious assassin, and sparks fly immediately. They face obstacles of political machinations and racial intolerance. Tsalrin is trapped by an ancient curse, and Miria cannot escape her father or the husband to whom he would sell her, a man who sees her merely as a political tool. Miria and Tsalrin's position is impossible, but neither one will give up their hidden love. Theirs is a story of struggle against abuse, bigotry, and paterfamilias. Their love is both their greatest danger and their only comfort as they search for their mutual freedom.


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