Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review of Georgia Fox's "The Virgin Proxy"

Author: Georgia Fox
Title: The Virgin Proxy
Length: Full

Author's Blurb

When the Normans conquered England, Deorwynn lost almost everything, including her family. Only one beloved brother survives.  To rescue him, she must sacrifice her virginity in the enemy’s bed.  She should be well prepared.  After spending fifteen years in a grim convent, punished for every sinful thought, Deorwynn can withstand any torment at the hands of a merciless, Norman warrior.

But nothing, she soon learns, could prepare her for falling in love.

Guy Devaux is delighted with the amorous virgin waiting for him on his wedding night.  There’s only one problem.  The saucy-mouthed wench is not his bride. Oh yes, he knows the veiled woman in his bed is an imposter, but he’ll go along with the game.  For now.  The punishment for her deception will come later. 

Just as soon as he conquers this foolish desire, this yearning to hear her say she loves him.

What I Thought

The positive points:
The romance was fiery, showcasing the wildness of both the hero and the heroine. Their physical attraction was clear, and Georgia Fox's descriptions of their sex were varied and vivid, with period-appropriate terminology which added to the atmosphere. The pacing was strong, and the book did not flag. The ending was satisfying, with Deorwynn well-settled into her new life, enjoying her new love. The growth of Guy was equally enjoyable, and his behavior was consistent and believable, given his established personality.

The negative points:
There were not many, as Georgia Fox's style is easy and polished, her command of her characters strong and good. The largest difficulty was in the anachronistic behavior of the hero. A fear of "settling down" in marriage would not have been a feeling that a Norman of the period would have.

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