Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Summer Isn't For Writing (Part 2)

My campaign of not writing during these seven weeks of summer break shamelessly progresses! Since we have a new release coming out September 12th, I don't feel the least bit guilty not working on my next manuscript. How can I ...

... when there is early morning Mac?

... when there are Buddhas to be found secreted away within mountains?

... when Legoland has just opened in Tokyo?

... when there are slides to go down?

... when you have such a great outing that you collapse on the train ride home?

... when chocolate makes you this happy?

... when I take day-trips that look like this?

... when there is philosophy to discuss?

... when there are lakes to explore?

... when you want to feel what dogs feel?

... when there are caves to explore?

... when there are ice caves to cool off in?

... when you can't resist going into the forest looking for suicides?

... when you stumble upon the detritus of an unwanted life?

... when you find something you wish you hadn't?

... when there are full moons?

... when there are kitties crawling all over me?



  1. Thanks, Tory! I've been collecting them as the summer's progressed. Still got three more weeks off. We've got a trip coming up this weekend, and then the amusement park next week!

  2. Great pics..and it sounds like a perfect summer break to me!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. loving the kitty mask!

  3. Thanks, Susie! The kitty mask belongs to Mama actually, but the little ones all love it!


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