Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood of Luna

Have I got your attention now? Good. As editor of this book, I am proud to have Maya Deleina here at Boundless as the Sea to give everyone a peek inside Blood of Luna! Maya will be giving away one free copy to a lucky commenter, so leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and you just might be the winner!


When is it real? When is it fantasy?

For Luna Kalen, the line between reality and a dream is hard to recognize.

Recovering from a car accident, the solitude at the coast is meant to be therapeutic. But Luna soon finds it more than her idle mind can handle.

After exploring a dangerous stretch of shoreline, Luna returns home with a mysterious man she discovers in a cave. Little does Luna know that this man is about to fill her world with sinful pleasures…and blood-thirsty vampires.

When reality and fantasy collide, unimaginable dangers lurk, revelations are revealed, and darkest desires are fulfilled. But if you think the happily ever after is the sign of the ending, it’s really only the beginning.

Should Luna have listened to the warning?

Do not go into the cave.

Flashes of unspeakable pleasure travelled like lightning throughout my body, teasing and torturing me all at the same time. I moaned roughly and screamed in a piercing tone that echoed all along the cave walls. Mindless vulgarity escaped from my lips. My foul-mouthed voice sounded unfamiliar, raw and naughty. 
His cock plunged into me slowly, but unrelenting. In and out, bit by bit, he devoured my body.

He was a man with an insatiable need and I was the woman who held the key to his release.

“You have a nasty mouth on you,” he whispered in a coarse, breathless voice.

“You do that to me. Make me scream. Take me hard. Take me fast. Take me rough.”

“Shh, savor, Luna. Savor this right now. This is the last time you’ll ever know the sensations of a cock plunging into your half human, half vampire body. Feel each part of you that I touch.”

He bent his knees to drive up into me in a slow rhythm. Unhurried and crafty, his body moved like a dancer, full of untapped sensuality.

Away from the carnage and destruction, we were deep in a dark cavern of what seemed like an endless cave system. Wrapped in a world of complete ecstasy, we stood under a sliver of light that pierced through a fissure in the cave. Our bodies sparkled in the silvery glow.

Trevor stood with both feet planted firmly on the ground. I balanced on one leg while the other draped over his forearm. Under my bent knee, he secured my position as his hand grasped my thigh. His other hand cradled the rise in my ass, squeezing, rubbing and exploring freely. If it wasn’t for the gentle grade in the cave floor that I stood on, our height difference would never allow for such a sexual position.

With his face buried at my neck, his fingers dug deeper into my sweat-soaked flesh. His pace was still unhurried, but his thrusts to bury himself completely within me intensified. It was if he were claiming unchartered lands, saying “mine, mine, mine” with each plunge. His lips grazed my ear delicately, making me tremble in delight.

“Ickey moving around your naked body in this light is the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.” His deep voice sounded seductive and mesmerizing.

I threw my head back and moaned as my pussy drenched his cock in more and more silky, hot wetness.

I could just imagine what my body looked like. If it was anything like what I was seeing on Trevor, it must’ve been an image straight out of a fantasy.

The beam of light was alive, wrapping around our bodies. The curves that Trevor’s body took reflected the light, acting as a mirror. Glowing and glistening, shards of luminosity bounced from our bodies into the darkness with every movement. The play on shadow and light deliciously highlighted dips and ridges in his chest, abs, and arms while portions of his facial features were blanketed in a mysterious cloak.

All the while, Ickey moved along my body without a care. Smooth and dry, she gently swept across my clavicle, up over my shoulder, slithering her way down my back, and circling around my waist. Thousands of tiny scales moved in synchronization. Rolling, surging, swelling, the piercing light glistened along the surface of her movements like the tides in an ocean. 

The moment was profoundly passionate and powerful.

Suddenly, his exacting motion grew fierce and demanding. Like a wild animal released from his chains, Trevor grunted and moaned wildly and operated in nothing but a single-minded intensity. He slammed his cock into me, driving himself deep with force and purpose. Over and over, he took me, and my body withstood his demands in sheer delight. With one sure thrust, he buried himself to the hilt and held his position.

“Am I a lover who can make you scream?”

“You make me do more than scream. You make me lose my mind,” I said gasping for breath.

He slowly eased his cock from my body, letting his tip linger at the entrance of my slick pussy. “Do I now?” he said as he slammed his way into me once again.

“Yeah! Fuck me hard!”

“Hard?” he asked as he continued his slow retractions and driving force.

“Yes!” I screamed, “Give it to me. Hard!”

“My darling, as you wish.”


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  1. I have to say I love the cover art, I love vampires and I loved the excerpt!

    Congrats on your release!

    Nikki Prince
    tweeted and FB'd
    ebonysbbwnikki @ yahoo dot com

  2. Hi Maya! I've watched ALL your video trailers on Youtube, they are so great! I've read all your excerpts and still reading one of your previous novels. I love the excerpt here. Trevor sounds extremely sensual. New muse? ;)

    "Am I a lover who can make you scream?" - Love it!


  3. You had me hooked with the trailer, Maya!

  4. Oh if I only I could wish like that! Sounds very hot and would love to read it :)



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