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Eye Music, by Katherine Wyvern

The author, in all her erotic glory!

The Naughty Poems

Last winter, one sleepless night I wrote a short story that began like this:

“Once upon the time, there lived inside a poet a bunch of little naughty poems.

They dwelled all together in a dark and secret place deep into the poet’s soul, where nobody could hurt them or make fun of them, but as they grew and grew they began to long to be out in the sunlight, which they had only seen far up and away, through the pupils of the poet’s eyes…”

It must have been a prophetic piece. I have been writing poems since I can remember, but always in bouts, interrupted by long silences, and I never really imagined sharing my poems with anyone. They had always been a very private sort of writing for me.

I cannot pen a line of poetry unless something speaks from deep down within me, and I had not written a verse for more than five years, until I stumbled on flondo’s photostream on Flickr. Maybe it’s that his photos of men are so intense and mysterious, so sensual and hauntingly alive; they seem to hide a secret story that waits to be extricated from their silence and put into words.

All of a sudden, I began writing poems again, and since I had the feeling that these poems belonged to and with his pictures, I decided, not without some serious heart-pangs, and agonizing jitters (I am good at those), to let flondo read them.

It was very thrilling to discover that the poems were appreciated, so much so that I was asked to put photos and poems together in one book.

That is how Eye Music was born.

Time for the naughty poems to go out in the sunlight.

Eye Music brings together two artists and two different mediums in the celebration of love, art, eroticism, and the glorious beauty of man.

flondo’s elegant, soulful, often erotic, sometimes provoking, always unique pictures have found a voice in K.W.’s lyrical, intricate, sensuous poems. Whether you read, or look, or watch words and images unfolding together as they inspire and complement each other, this dreamy, masterfully composed collection deserves unhurried contemplation.


A taste of what's inside...

In the bound red obscurity

Of my blind, tied body

My world is only – you

Your silence is my dark night-sky

Your skin is the warm earth upon which I stand

Your fingertips open the path for me

Your tongue is the river that sweeps me away

From the darkness

Into raging phosphorescent seas

Floating in silver waves – foam and salt tears

And your member - deep inside me

Is the life tree of this world

Its roots hold me fast into time and place

But its wind-blown top

Is the sea-voice of the storm

It seems to me

That I always carried my love for you inside me

I carried it like the bud carries the rose

Tightly coiled

And hidden

Yet perfect, whole

Ready to unfold

In the sunshine of the day you found me


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