Saturday, June 2, 2012

And now for the illimitable Emma Shortt!

Sex: Regency Style
When you think about the Regency Era you probably imagine sweeping dresses, dashing rakes and crowded ballrooms. Regency romance is something to be savoured. The marriage of convenience vanquished by the sweet love of a lord and a lady, the duke and his countess finding happiness after an abduction by a cad. The maid falling for the squire...the list goes on. 

But what happens after the romance, when it comes down to the nitty gritty? What about Regency sex?

Well if there's one thing I've learnt writing romance is that you can go back as many hundred years as you like, but be it Regency, Medieval or even Victorian, like or no, people had sex. Lots of sex. And they liked it. 

Men and women. Oh, yes, there was a reason so many young girls were ruined! One might think that women only achieved sexual liberation, and therefore enjoyment, with the advent of the birth control pill, that prior to that they simply lay back and thought of England. Nuh uh. Women have been enjoying the durty for quite some time, and in the Regency period they had some interesting ways to do so...


Apparently, and I can not confirm this (read it on a random blog), but olive oil was used as lube. Now I'm an olive oil fan myself and can see where they were coming from, it's slippy stuff. But dribbling it on the old nether regions... just pass me the bread.

The leather dildo

Before the advent of the squishable material we find on our dildos these days, you know the stuff that is meant to feel like the real deal, Regency craftsmen were using leather. These dildos were made of wood and then coated in leather to make them usable. I've seen pictures though and they don't look very comfortable. Studded and such--ouch! (FYI this set sold for over three grand recently)

The stone dildo

As per the leather only methinks a bit colder. 

The candle

For those who couldn't afford a leather dildo there was the option of a nice, thick candle. Though a dark night might have been ahead...or maybe not...and then the burning...and the possible erm...scent...I'll stop there. 


Self massage has been around for yonks, and the 'massage' that was popular in the Regency period was thought to calm a woman's nerves. Basically they meant the women should have a wank, because her 'hysteria' came from 
sexual issues, so crack one out and be on your way. 

The Fan

Regency women were fond of fans. This is what comes of living in a world with no AC. So they fanned more ways than one. Now personally I'm not sure how gusts of cold air actually helped a woman to get off, but to each her own right?

I can find no evidence of other, slightly weirder activities -- to my disappointment. As an example the Egyptians used honey and ants...snakes and their slithering tongues...whilst the cavemen used a weird concoction involving wilder beasts, a flint, and a side of steak (okay, I made that up), but the Regency folk? It seems fans and oil were as good as it got.
 All in all Regency Era sex was a lot like today's. Only the poor people may have buggered up their PH balance (I'm sure olive oil is alkaline) and done without the vibrate action we've all come to love today. 

So thoughts? Jump in because I'm giving away one copy of my Regency filth, sorry did I say filth?? I meant novella, The Flighty Fiancee. I'll pick a winner from the comments and you can find out just how much those ladies loved a spanking....

Emma x


  1. Fascinating stuff :) I hope I'm lucky enough to win the book

  2. Sounds like a great book...Thanks for a chance to win.

  3. Adonis posted about your books on another FB page I'm friends with so I had to come over and check it out....Love the Regency period

    Debi Anne


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