Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review of D.F. Krieger's "Maybe Baby"

Author: D.F. Kreiger
Title: Maybe Baby
Length: Short story

Author's Blurb

Sarah's husband, Colten, after informing her that his deployment is extended for another six months, rents her a cabin in the woods as an apology. When she gets there, she’s in for the surprise of a lifetime; Colten is already waiting and ready to make up for the past year they've been apart. 

Now that he’s retiring from the military, they will never have to worry about being separated again. Sarah can't wait to give herself to her husband, but is she ready to start a new future?

What I Thought
The positive points:
D.F. Krieger writes with skill and clarity. Her descriptions evoke the emotions appropriate to the scenes. The heroine, Sarah, and her soldier-husband, Colten, are both fleshed out thoroughly, despite the constraints of the short story format. The sex scenes are both realistic and steamy. The happily-ever-after is satisfactory, and there is no possible doubt about their suitability for each other or for their future life together.

The negative points:
The actual writing, aside from more typos than a short story ought to have, left little to be desired. D.F. Krieger has easy command of her words. It was the complete lack of plot which was the issue with this story. The entire piece was a denouement. There was neither rising nor falling action. Rather, it was merely the picture of a couple riding off into the sunset together.

Adonis says:

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  1. Well, I have a theory (very personal theory not necessarily right for everyone) that sometimes a plot just gets in the way of a story... that a plot is one possible mean to convey the true matter, but not always the only or necessary mean... just a general consideration, mind, I haven't read this yet... Good Luck for your launch, ciao, K

  2. That's an equally valid point. Happy reading!


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