Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Open Letter to My Wife

My Lovely One,

There's that old, rather bad poem about footprints in the sand. You know, the one where Jesus carries you when your life gets rough? Actually, I like the variation I saw on Facebook the other day: when there was only one set of footprints, it's because the Sand People travel single file to hide their numbers.

I want to tell you something about my love for you, and I promise no Star Wars references. I know you have burdens, worries, concerns, and all that, just like any normal person does. There are nights you lay your head on your pillow, and though you say nothing, I can almost hear the struggle going on inside you. We all have our demons, the ghosts in our head that wish us dead, and we all wrestle with ourselves in our own ways.

There are times when I see your mouth working, as if you're either debating whether to tell me something or not, or you're just trying to find the words.

I'm here for you. Turn to me.

I am your lion. You are my kitten. I'll take care of you.

The easiest thing for me to do is love you, and I know my love is all you want. See how wonderful love is? So don't be afraid to wrestle your demons, because I'm right there beside you.

More than that. I've got you. When burdens crush you down, tell me about them. I'll pick you up and carry you until you can walk again. See, you feel the weight of your worries, but once I lift you up, the burden eases. But as I hold you, I feel only you, not your burden. That's the beauty of our love! I love you, so together there's nothing we can't do. I could go on right now and quote cheesy song lyrics, but I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Remember that my arms are open at all times. Fall into them, as you did last night. Fall into me with perfect confidence, and know that I remain forever

Your husband, your brother-soul, your lover, your friend.

Our first and last kiss, for each kiss is just a continuation of the last


  1. You two inspire me in what love can truly be.

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt...
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I even laughed at the Sand people joke..

  3. Kastil, Doris, and Susie,

    Thanks for taking the time to read it. I see so much hate every day, so much badmouthing of women by men and men by women, so many people who can't figure out how to make a relationship work that I wanted to let people know that there are perfect marriages out there. And perfect doesn't mean bed-of-roses perfect where unicorns shit rainbows. Sometimes life hurts, but love heals.

  4. That was really beautiful and heartwarming. Some days it seems so hard to make a relationship work, but that letter is truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mika,

    Thanks! I just want people to know that love's out there, it lasts forever, no matter what.

    No matter what.

  6. what we all should aspire to and hug it safe when we get it

    1. Thanks, Raven! This is and being there!


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