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Raven McAllan's "Riding Ryder"

If anyone had told me, a year ago that I'd willingly give up the beach, the surf and ogling the hot bods, I'd have laughed. Bet my boogieboard on them being wrong, even on a temporary basis.

Oh fuck, how I'd have lost, big time. Er am I allowed to say fuck on here?

Hi, I'm Logan Millar. Aussie, surfer, traveller and all round good guy. I hope. Oh and I'm gay and in love.

Anyway, I'd gone to Scotland to meet a guy. A very special guy who helps people understand their sexuality. I wanted to learn from him. He helped my sister and I wanted to do the same sort of thing.

Instead I fell hook line and cock in love with Caleb Ryder.

But a guy who's a hands on—and sometimes cock in therapist—is one thing in the abstract. It's one hell of a something else when it's the guy you love.

Of course I told Caleb I could cope, well I thought I could, no problem, his mind wasn’t involved, it was only his body.

However, I shared that body, and the thought of those clever hands, that fucking amazing cock on some one else or in someone else was hard to swallow. I managed, not too badly with the help of his sister the inimitable Doris. (You know she reminds me of someone else with that name.)

And then…. Well, no, I'm not telling you any more, just that life has been bloody difficult. I love that man, he loves me, but is love enough?

You'll need to read our story to find out.

Adonis said they will do a freebie for me. Give one of you kind readers a chance to win a copy of our story. Well there is a catch of course. No sadly not me, though yeah, to some people I'm a catch, I'm really sorta hoping I'm caught! So anyway the catch is only a teensy weensy one. Hey, I so love that expression! Okay, get back on track Logan, right you need to click to follow this lovely blog, and Raven's…Then well who knows you may get to follow us for free.

Happy following to you all, thanks for listening.


A taste of what's inside:
Caleb smiled, and it transformed his face; he looked both happy and satisfied. "Good. So…open your legs." Not a command. A plea? An entreaty? Said in a tone guaranteed to make you agree. Logan did. He moving his legs apart, feeling the gentle pressure of a jet of water hit him at the base of his cock. Involuntarily, he moaned.

"What do you feel?" Caleb's voice was softly insistent. "Shut your eyes and explore your mind. Enjoy the sensations your body is giving you. Move your hands. Cup your cock. Nothing else. Just cup, hold, and feel."

There was silence in the room, broken only by the sound of the rippling water. Even the birds seemed to be holding their breath. Logan sensed Caleb moving, felt him move behind him before touching his head lightly on each side.

"What do you feel?"

"You, your hands. Exploring my mind."


Logan paused. Could he really describe how he felt holding himself? He gained the strength of resolution from the sense of Caleb with him. He moved his head slightly from side to side. To feel Caleb still there. The sensations grew even stronger.

"Lift your head. Move forward."

Water swirled and he felt Caleb sink into the water behind him. Caleb's legs enclosed him, one on each side of his body. He felt him sit on the bench behind him and pull him back into the cocoon he had created. Caleb's rigid cock was pressed tightly against him. He wriggled to feel its hardness.

"No," Caleb insisted. "You don't need me, not now. I'm your support, but you are your guide. My hands are where they are to help your mind. My cock is where it is, because it's part of my body. No other reason. Not yet. Focus. Feel you from you. What's your body telling you?"

That I want to fuck you? Maybe not the right thing to say at the moment. Logan tried to clear his mind of everything except feeling. "Um, warmth, happiness. Arousal." Logan struggled to put his feelings into words. "Jeez, my cock feels incredible. Hard and soft. Steel and velvet. Your hands seem to hold my heart. My emotions. Fuck, Caleb, it's incredible. I can feel our heartbeats echoing each other. I want to come, but then again I don't. I want to watch you come."

"Not yet. Explore yourself some more. Use your hands now if you want to. That gorgeous cock knows your touch. What other part of your body would like to feel your hands? Your nipples? Try them and see. Let the sensations build. Tell me what you sense." Caleb's voice was mesmerizing, but Logan knew he wasn't in a trance. He knew he was in charge of his own body, his own mind. But he was being given the chance to explore both, something if he was honest, he hadn't taken the time to.

He touched one of his nipples tentatively. Felt it blossom. Then moved to give attention to the other with the same incredible reaction.

"See how your body reacts to itself, Logan?" Caleb spoke softly, not breaking the mood. "That's you, making yourself respond. No one else, not me, just you. Are you thinking of someone? Have a picture in your mind?" Logan shook his head. "Exactly," Caleb said. "Your body is responding to you. Let's get out of here." Caleb put his arms under Logan's and helped him to stand up.


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  1. Thanks for listening to Logan, he's one helluva bloke, and I enjoyed writing his and Caleb's story


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