Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interview with Anna Keraleigh

We're happy to have author Anna Keraleigh with us today! You know her for her Fairy Series with Evernight Publishing. She's here today to talk about her latest release, Seven Days in Jade.

Jade is an unhappily married woman. Ryan is the sexy private investigator that loves her. He brings her secret fantasies to life, ice-cream-covered flesh, dominance, handcuffs and the ultimate desire. However, their wild sexcapade ends when Jade’s husband returns, and their oasis returns to desert. Can they survive apart now that they have tasted true love? These lovers have a one-week affair that will change their lives forever.

AD: Let's get to know the author a bit better.
Hello, Anna! Was romance always what you wrote, or did it take you a while to find your niche?

AK: I've been reading 'naughty' books for a long time. I fell in love with the raw sexuality and the hope that it brings to real life relationships. Fantasy added to that romance is perfection.  With fantasy I can make up my own rules. It makes the worlds I create that much more interesting and as unique as I want them to be.

AD: You have written several fairy novels, correct? What drew you to write about them?

AK: The Fairy Series is about muscled warriors with delicate wings who are on the verge of extinction. They must find their mates in order to keep their species alive. Ireland is my dream spot. I want to live there. So, naturally, Irish folklore has played a big part in my stories. I’ve always loved the idea of fairies, but I’ve read very little in the way of fairy books. When I made the decision to write, I knew in my heart fairies would be my first attempt. Evernight Publishing saw the potential, and they currently publish this series.

AD: Your newest book, Seven Days in Jade, is a departure from your previous work. What sparked your idea for this book?

AK: Oddly enough, this began as a quick short story. I finished the first part, "Taste Me Tuesday", and the characters just stuck in my head. They popped up when I was dreaming and writing. Their story needed an ending or at least a happy for now. As I began the second story, a handful of them came into fruition.

AD: How long did it take you to write Seven Days in Jade? Was it faster or slower than usual for you?

AK: It was a little slower due to the fact that I wrote the first part, began another writing project, then came back and finished their story. Jade and Ryan will always hold a place in my heart as well as my lust!

AD: What is your favorite thing about Jade? About Ryan?

AK: Jade is much more like myself than any character I’ve written before. She is curious about everything but has her eyes solely focused on one man. Her attitude toward life is  living it to the fullest. Ryan is sexy as hell. I can tell you he occupied my dreams for some time. That scene with him in the cowboy hat will be a permanent favorite. As well as that scene in the car...and the beach...

AD: What is one piece of information about Jade that does not make it into the book? What about Ryan?

AK: I originally had a scene at the beginning where we meet Jade’s husband. The readers got a chance to see his bad side and the heartache that he put Jade through. It was a dark scene that was too raw to add in. I wanted this to be a light, flirty read. I also removed  a scene that showed Ryan’s loneliness. He’s spent his entire life looking for true love and found it in a married woman. I eventually added a similar scene toward the end when Jade’s husband returns.

AD: Please describe a typical writing session for us.

AK: They’re never the same. That would be too easy, apparently. Some days I have time to light a candle, put on some music, and spend hours writing. Other days, I’m scrunched in the back of the car, train, or subway with a notebook and a pen while trying to ignore all the sounds of the city.

AD: What is the most surprising thing about you?

AK: I’ve never had a threesome, never been confronted by two guys! ;) I honestly don’t know what I’d do. Well I’d know what to do...I mean I don’t know if I’d have the metaphorical 'balls' to go through with it.

AD: Thanks for being with us today, Anna!


  1. Hi, Anna! Sounds like a great read. And yes, I'm sure you'd know what to do and be curious enough to go through with it. After all, a writer has to do his/her research. lol

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog, Adonis. It was my pleasure ;)

  3. Great interview, Anna. The blurb has always fascinated me - the idea of finding true love in an unavailable person. It's a bold step and I'm really curious to know how you pulled it off. Good luck with sales etc


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